• SKY Global Maker Camp Seoul 2018

    Held at Sahmyook University, Centennial Memorial Hall, Level 3.

    SKY Global Maker Camp is an international maker camp to be held in Seoul, Korea from 20-22 June 2018. It is organized in collaboration by OneMaker Group (Singapore) and Brainery (South Korea) with the support of Sahmyook Language School, Sahmyook University (South Korea) for children age between 10-12 years old.


    Campers will be able to experience design thinking and develop their maker skills through a variety of STEM (science, technology, engineering & mathematics) workshops in analog making, programming, tinkering with electronics, robotics and sound engineering.


    Camp Lodging

    Camp dormitory is located at Sahmyook University, north of Seoul.

    Proposed Schedule


    1. Are parents allowed to join and/or accompany the camper?

    Yes. We welcome parents' participation in this camp. However, parents will have to bear their own expenses (e.g. accommodation, meals, transportation) throughout the camp duration. We will advise the amount to the parent for the camper who is successful in the application.

    3. How many campers are expected to be in the camp?

    We expect between 80-100 campers in total, with about 20% coming from overseas.

    5. What programmes or workshops will the campers undergo?

    The proposed workshops include:

    • Design Thinking
    • Circuit Hacking
    • Walking Mechanism
    • Electronic Sound
    • Plastic Crafting 
    • Programmable Car
    • Learning Journey to Samsung Electronics

    7. Where will the campers be housed in?

    All campers will stay in the student dormitory in Sahmyook University and will be expected to share daily chores and cleaning duties.

    2. How many facilitators or mentors will be accompanying the campers?

    The ratio of facilitator to campers will be 1:10. As such, there will be at least 10 facilitators who will be accompanying the campers throughout the camp.


    4. What language will the camp be conducted in?

    The camp will be conducted in English.


    6. When should campers arrive or depart from Seoul for the camp?

    Campers can arrive by 20 June morning and depart on 22 June evening. Details will be provided to successful applicants to the camp.

    8. How are applicants to the camp selected?

    Applicants need to complete the online form and produce a 1-minute video pitch/presentation on why they should be selected for this camp. Selection is evaluated based on a first-come-first served basis. The application form is available here.

    9. When will we be notified if we are selected?

    Applicants will be notified within 5 days of submission.

    For further enquiries please write to info@onemakergroup.com