OneMaker Group (OMG) is a creative design studio curating creative learning experiences (CLX) as a service for our clients.

    Our core business revolves around the management of maker & innovation spaces, product design & prototyping, alternative education and corporate professional development.

  • Programmes

    Design Making (Corporate Team-building)

    We conduct customized 'Design Making' workshops as part of corporate team-building activities. In this workshop, participants are given authentic design problems to work on and to produce quick prototypes and solutions. Participants get to work with a variety of interesting materials such as re-mouldable plastics or conductive paints and tools such as motors, Bluetooth controllers and even 3D printers, The duration of the workshop can be from 90 minutes to a 2-day programme. We are able to cater to a large number of participants, up to 200 pax.

    Experiential Learning Journeys

    Designing for a Circular Future

    The circular economy provides a timely design opportunity for all to reflect, review and revise our understanding on how materials can be broken down and be reconstituted to serve the needs of its users for as long as possible.

    3D Printing

    Discover the world of additive manufacturing through this learning journey which aims to better equip participants with the relevant knowledge and skills involved in 3D printing.


    Enter the world of robotics and automation as we gather insights on what exactly is a robot and the various robot types and applications.

    Technological Disruptions in a Robotics World

    Advances in artificial intelligence and the rapid adoption of robots are stoking the fear of disruptive technology. But what if we could take advantage of these technologies rather than fear them?

    Junior Maker Programme (JuMP)

    JuMP is our signature Maker Education programme developed for kids age 6-12. Through JuMP, we want to involve kids in the development of human expressions and emotions, mediated by interactive digital technology through using narratives and storytelling approach. JuMP covers a range of STEM topics including digital fabrication, electronics, fabric hacking, and DIYScience, allowing learners to explore, experiment and more importantly to empower them to turn their ideas into reality.


    More info available here.

  • Services

    Makerspace Development

    Makerspace Specialist

    We offer consultation and building services to customize the makerspace you wish to set up. Other value-added services as such supply of tools, materials, machines and equipment are also available.


    For an in-depth discussion, please contact us at info@onemakergroup.com

    Prototyping & Consulting Services


    If interested, please email us at info@onemakergroup.com

    Event Consultancy and Management

    Customisation to needs

    We offer curated, customised, and highly engaging content for events. We organise and conduct:

    • Craft classes (sewing, leather crafting, water coloring, cosmology & maths in art, and many more)
    • Digital Creatives learning journeys & workshops (3D printing, augmented reality, design thinking, digital fabrication, drones, Internet of Things, physical computing & embedded systems, virtual reality, and many more)
    • Student Innovation & Product Development Programs
    • Corporate Creative Technology Innovation & Team Building
    • Hackathons

    For details, please contact us at info@onemakergroup.com

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