• Junior Maker Programme (JuMP)

    A children's initiative for science, technology, engineering, arts & mathematics

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    Our signature programme for kids rides on the core ethos shared by the maker movement worldwide, emphasising the values of growth mindset, craftmanship, open sharing and mutual respect in the context of applied learning in science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM).

    pedagogical framework emphasis on knowledge, skills, growth mindset, narrative

    Activity Themes

    Basic Furniture


    Fixing & Repairing

    Tear down & Assembly

    Technicolour cardboard lamp


    Tapigami Sculpture

    Light painting

    Arcade games

    Vending machine

    Technicolour cardboard lamp


    Soldering Made Easy

    PCB Making

    Arduino/micro:bit programming

    Circuit tiles

    Gello Crawler Bot



    Sensing Rovers

    Gello Doodler

    Plastic casting

    Decoupage Poster

    Air-fix Installation

    Featured Activities & Workshops

    Maker Box Project


    Students will get to assemble their own maker/tool box and organise them accordingly using PVC tubes, hooks or holders. Additionally the tool box can also be stacked and arranged modularly as tools storage for the makerspace. In this activity, they get to work with a variety of hand tools including hammer, screw drivers and even pliers.

    Plastic Crafting


    Students will get work with a variety of craft materials including low-temperature 3D pen (Gello pen) to craft their own design, transforming melted plastic filaments into 3D objects. Additionally, the dispensed plastics can also be recycled and re-mouldable by dipping it into a hot water bath.

    Build-Your-Own Electronics


    Students will have a chance to work towards building their own electronic projects by learning how to solder and connecting different components together to make a simple flashing circuit or a quirky/wacky robot.

    Coding & Programming


    Students will get to cut their programming teeth using the micro:bit and/or Arduino. They will learn to build interactive systems involving sensors and actuators for a specific challenge e.g. automation, environmental monitoring, etc. In this activity they may be able to apply their understanding of simple electronics and plastic crafting to build a prototype of their system.

    leather workshop, junior makers, makers program

    Fabric & Leather Hacking


    We introduce fabric and leather hacking workshop as a way for the young to enjoy sewing and hacking their own apron and making their own leather products..

    Highlights from iJuMP 23-27 January 2018