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    Step-by-step tutorials for our workshops

    How to use the Gello 3D Pen

    1. Cardboard Lamp

    make your own, flatpack, laser cut, cardboard lamp, technicolor, technicolor table lamp, night lamp

    2. Doodle your own robotic toy

    3D doodling, plastic crafting, using DC geared motor to make simple robotic toy

    3. Make your own motion sensing pet: 'Molly'

    4. Make your own motion sensing pet: 'Jack'

    make your own motion sensing pet, ultrasonic rover, roverbot, Arduino continuous motor

    5. Make your own electronic greeting card

    make your own electronic greeting card with recordable sound module
    make your own, cardboard diorama, paper cut light box
    make your own hologram projector viewing box
    fold the box
    fold the pre-cut plastic sheet into a pyramid hologram projector
    attach the base of the pyramid to the ceiling of the box
    attach the foam block to prevent handphone from slipping
    turn up the brightness, enjoy the hologram projected, play a hologram video

    The all workshop activities shown above are available as DIY maker kits for makerspaces. Please contact info@onemakergroup.com for more information.