• About Us

    OneMaker Group Pte Ltd (OMG) is a leading Maker-centric service provider in the region. We have been advocating and supporting the nascent Maker movement in Singapore since our establishment in 2014. Our core business revolves around Maker education, digital prototyping services and corporate professional development. Our experience in building, supporting and operating Makerspaces for both educational and corporate institutions allow us to better understand our clients' needs and to serve them well accordingly


    Currently we are contracted to operate and manage three other makerspaces for corporate and tertiary institutions with another new overseas outlet at Medini Iskandar, Johor, Malaysia.

    Working Philosophy

    At OMG, we operate with a belief Making involves deep levels of consideration not possible on paper discussions. The process of Making holds equal significance to Thinking. Hence, we have been a firm evangelists of the Design Thinking Process which taps on the same principles of Design Thinking, building on the latter stages of prototyping, test feedback and iteration.

  • Programmes

    Junior Maker Programme (JuMP)

    recommended age 6 & above

    JuMP is our signature Maker Education programme developed for kids age 6-12. Through JuMP, we want to involve kids in the development of human expressions and emotions, mediated by interactive digital technology through using narratives and storytelling approach.


    JuMP covers a range of STEM topics including digital fabrication, electronics, fabric hacking, and DIYScience, allowing learners to explore, experiment and more importantly to empower them to turn their ideas into reality.


    More info available here.

    Digital Creatives Programme

    recommended age 14 & above

    In our Digital Creatives Programme, we invite young people to start embarking on a journey towards becoming future-ready digital creatives, having the appropriate skillsets, toolsets and the mindsets.


    Currently we are inviting participation to our two signature camps: the Creative Technology Camp (for age 14 and above) and the Accelerated Maker Programme (for age 18 and above).


    More info available here.

  • Services

    Makerspace Development

    Makerspace Specialist

    We offer consultation and building services to customize the makerspace you wish to set up. Other value added services as such supply of tools, materials, machines and equipment are also available.


    For in-depth discussion, please contact us at info@onemakergroup.com

    Prototyping & Consulting Services

    3D Printing

    We offer 3D printing consultancy, printing services or rental of 3D FDM and SLA printer for your design and model.

    Materials : ABS, PLA, resin


    If interested, please email us at info@onemakergroup.com

    Prototyping & Consulting Services

    Laser Cutting

    We offer digital fabrication using laser machine for your design and model. Engraving is possible.

    Materials : acrylic, cardboard, fabric, foam, lather, wood


    If interested, please email us at info@onemakergroup.com

    Prototyping & Consulting Services

    Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Routing

    We also offer digital fabrication using CNC routing machine for your design and model. Engraving is possible.

    Material : acrylic, alumimium, cardboard, copper plate, fiberglass, hardwood, high density foam, marble, stone, wood


    If interested, please email us at info@onemakergroup.com

    Makerspace Pass

    Flexi Access Pass

    We offer a flexible access pass to the space where a wide range of tools and equipment are available. We also offer induction courses for new users before they start working in our space.


    For further details, please email us at info@onemakergroup.com

    Event Consultancy and Management

    Customisation to needs

    We offer curated, customised, and highly engaging content for events. We organise and conduct:

    • Craft classes (sewing, leather crafting, water coloring, cosmology & maths in art, and many more)
    • Digital Creatives learning journeys & workshops (3D printing, augmented reality, design thinking, digital fabrication, drones, Internet of Things, physical computing & embedded systems, virtual reality, and many more)
    • Student Innovation & Product Development Programs
    • Corporate Creative Technology Innovation & Team Building
    • Hackathons

    For details, please contact us at info@onemakergroup.com

    Official Certification

    Arduino Creative Technology in the Classroom (Arduino CTC 101)

    CTC is Arduino’s one-of-a-kind STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) program for upper secondary education*. Students are introduced to the foundations of programming, electronics, and mechanics through a series of playful, well-documented projects and easy-to-assemble experiments.


    CTC is an immersive educational experience consisting of an online platform, video tutorials, detailed documentation with step-by-step instructions, a classroom toolbox with more than 20 hands-on experiments based on themed modules.


    You get a diploma as a certificate or proof that you have participated in the Arduino CTC101 project.


    *Recommended class size of 20 students. Customisable for upper primary and/or lower secondary school.


    For details, please contact us at info@onemakergroup.com

    Professional Certification

    High-end IT Training and Consulting​

    OMG is in partnership with Fast Lane Asia.


    Fast Lane, a leading provider of advanced IT training courses, offers complete authorised training solution for Cisco, IBM, Symantec, and more. We help company gain and develop technology skills to cope with modern high-end challenges. After all, technology is the tool and only those who master it can capitalise on its benefits. Our customers and partners rely on us, for several good reasons.


    More info available at fastlaneasia.com.


    For details, please contact us at info@onemakergroup.com

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