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    We have organised this edition of Maker Camp into several tracks based on campers' interests and inclinations as well as age bracket. More tracks may be open subject to response from parents.

    kids making hacking workshop

    Tinker Track

    Run 1: 30th May-1st June 2018 | 9am - 3pm

    Run 2: 4th - 6th June 2018 | 9am - 3pm

    Suitable for age 6-9

    National Design Centre Campus

    Campers will learn to explore different materials, processes and tools to build projects involving lights, sound and movement.


    They will:

    • develop projects with illumination using single and/or strip LEDs, electro-luminescent wires among others;
    • explore the use of DC motors to produce quirky motions;
    • design a simple mechanical project e.g. hand-held drawing machine;
    • make a cardboard project e.g. vending machine, mechanical claw;
    • share your experience with your peers.
    3d printing

    Fabricator Track

    30th-31st May 2018 | 9am-4pm

    Suitable for age 10-12

    Bt Timah Campus (Platform E)

    Campers will get a full taste of what digital making is: from idea visualization to realisation of a product in physical 3D form.


    They will:

    • learn to visualise a product in 3D;
    • sculpt plastic materials with their hands;
    • sculpt digital objects;
    • design objects for 3D printing;
    • putting meshes together while working in groups;
    • share their experience with their peers.
    kids soldering workshop

    Inventor Track

    4th-5th June 2018 | 9am - 4pm

    Suitable for age 10-12

    Bt Timah Campus (Platform E)

    Campers will learn how inventors are able to harness the power of scientific inquiry and develop new ideas that can potentially revolutionise the world. Walk in the shoes of famous inventors like Faraday, Edison or Tesla. Try out some awesome experiments and build your very own cool stuff!


    They will:

    • try out famous experiments in magnetism, power and electricity;
    • build their own bare-metal motor from wires and magnets;
    • build their first motor application - a battery-powered micro drill;
    • explore harnessing electricity from solar;
    • experiment with different mechanisms and movement in building their first analog robot;
    • share their learning experience with their peers
    kids soldering workshop

    Hacker Track

    7th- 8th June 2018 | 9am - 4pm

    Suitable for age 10-12

    Bt Timah Campus (Platform E)

    Campers will get their hands full by bringing old discarded parts to life or simply combine them together to build something awesome.


    They will:

    • learn to take-apart existing consumer product and conduct experiments e.g. circuit bending;
    • identify components and label and/or organize the components;
    • harvest important components and using those to rebuild or repair an existing device;
    • learn about reverse-engineering, drafting simple schematics and designing their very own;
    • share their learning experience with their peers
  • Camp Fees

    Camp Fees

    Early-bird registration SGD$280* per participant per track


    Siblings discount

    Early-bird registration SGD$265* per participant per track (5% off) - If you apply for 2 or more of your children.


    Group discount

    Early-bird registration SGD$250* per participant per track (10% off) - If you apply in a group of 5 or more children.


    Alumni discount

    Early-bird registration SGD$238* per participant (15% off) - If you have attended any previous JuMP Camps before.


    NOTE: Lunch and snack breaks are not included but can be catered for separately at additional $15/pax.


    *before 7% GST

    Camp Venue

    Age 6-9: Makerspace @ NDC

    National Design Centre

    111 Middle Road

    #01-02 Singapore 188969

    Camp Venue

    Age 10-12: Makerspace @ Platform E

    SIM Management House

    41 Namly Avenue

    Singapore 267616