• Thank you for supporting our Camps

    We had a great time at our two runs of Makevember Camps this year. For those who are unable to join us, we will be back next year.


    Look out for our 2018 Summer MakerCamps applications due to open in Apr/May 2018. If you like to be kept informed when the applications to next year's camp is open, please complete the fields below.


    Till then, keep making!

  • Junior Makers Program


    powered by OneMaker Group


    Camp 1 : 20- 24 November 2017

    Camp 2 : 27 November - 1 December 2017


    Monday-Friday | 9am - 5pm

    National Design Centre

    111 Middle Road Singapore 188969

    kids maker workshop

    Programme Structure

    "Explore - Experiment - Empower"

    We want to inspire kids to design and make creative projects, and in the process, learn new ways of solving problems, sharing ideas and collaborating with others.


    Suitable for children age 6 to 12.

    3d pen doodling kids


    "Don't be bored, make something!"​

    Get your young ones to experience a world of storytelling, creativity and fun, as they gain interactive, hands-on experience related to STEM, formatted in practical learning modules.

    kids soldering workshop

    Join now!

    "Get ready to start making"

    SGD$485 per participant.

    Flexible payment plans and financial assistance are available.


    Siblings discount

    SGD$460.75 per participant (5% off) - If you apply for 2 or more of your children


    Group discount

    SGD$436.50 per participant (10% off) - If you apply in a group of 5 or more children

  • Our Campers' Jump!

    Presenting our Junior Makers' ceremonial solo jump

    "Those who don't jump will never fly"

  • Camp Objectives

    At the end of the camp, our participants should complete sufficient making activities that qualifies them to be awarded the following skill patches: 


    cardboard skill patch
    • Cardboard city crafting


    chemistry diy science
    • Polymer science & slime making
    • Sculpturing with smart materials


    kite making flight drones


    • Drone fun flying

    Hardware Hacking

    soldering hacking
    • LED key chain soldering
    • 'Struggle Bot' making

    Mechanical Engineering

    mechanical engineering skills
    • Mechanism & Contraptions
    • 'Kooky Bot' making and KookyCon competition


    leather making
    • Sculpting with tape
    • Hack your own apron
    • Basic prop-making

    Rapid Prototyping

    3d printing rapid prototyping
    • 3D pen and doodling

    Tools Proficiency

    tools hand skills
    • Using hand tools safely
    • Safe cutting and Joining techniques
    • Use of power tools


    electrons electronics
    • Experiment with tiny circuits
    • Light painting
    • Build your own 'spinnerooneys'
  • Program Structure

    We structure each day along a specific theme and offer a range of activities for the participants to explore and be comfortable with.

    hebocon struggle bot salvaging

    Adventure Monday

    Meet your fellow campers and embark on a life-time adventure!

    • Introduction and Safety Briefing
    • Build your first tool box!
    • Sew, stitch and hack your own apron
    • Make your own pocket notebook
    soldering workshop light sabre

    Bravery Tuesday

    Gather your courage as you step out of your comfort zone

    • Learn to use 'hot' and 'powerful' tools
    • Try making 3D objects with the 3D pen 
    • Make your own plastic casting from mouldable thermoplastics
    • Build your first 'raw-bot' 
    • Experiment with solar cooking 
    mild mild west

    Challenger Wednesday

    Duel with friends and learning something together

    • Fast & furious making
    • Solder your first electronics board
    • Get your hands dirty with slime making

    Discovery Thursday

    Unearth new ways of making and explore different materials

    • Build your own cardboard games
    • Drone fun fly

    Enterprise Friday

    Get creative. Innovate and develop your own entrepreneurial spirit

    • Cardboard Arcade Emporium 
  • Registration

    There will be two runs of the MAKE-vember Camps for 2017.

    Choose either one depending on your schedule.

    The Organiser

    OneMaker Group is a strong advocate of the maker movement and has been involved in many local and regional maker events. Additionally we help organisations conceptualise, build and operate makerspaces.


    JU.M.P (Junior Maker Program) is our signature maker programme that targets children age 6-12 with the purpose of nurturing a new generation of hands-on digital creatives, budding makers, entrepreneurs and innovators.


    Established in 2014 with the support of SPRING Singapore, DesignSingapore Council and National Design Centre, OneMaker Group has been integral in supporting Singapore startups at the early stage in product design and development, digital innovation, and test-bedding.


    For any further enquiries, please write us at info@onemakergroup.com or leave us a message below.

    Camp Venue

    The Prototyping Lab @ National Design Centre

    National Design Centre

    111 Middle Road


    Singapore 188969

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Let us know if you have any questions that are not available below. Email us at info@onemakergroup.com

    What does the fees includes?

    The camp fees includes 2 snacks and a lunch, a toolbox equipped with appropriate tools, a camp T-shirt and a Maker journal.


    At the end of the camp, participants will be awarded certificate of achievement, skill patches and a commemorative camp patch.

    Where will the activities be held?

    All activities will be carried out within the confines of the National Design Centre, specifically the PrototypingLab at level 1.

    Do you cater to special dietary needs?

    Yes, do let us know during registration if there are any specific dietary needs or allergy. Essentially, all food will be provided by halal certified caterers.

    What is the unique feature of this camp?

    Unlike other holiday camps, the Make-vember Camp focuses on hands-on making especially within the technology, science and engineering domain. We allow our participants to develop confidence in the face of ambiguity by facilitating multiple problem-solving scenarios.

    What is the class size?

    All camp participants will be assigned groupings which consist of no more than 10 members.

    What is the minimum age of the child in order to be eligible?

    In view of the complexity of the work output expected from the child, the preferred age for the participant should be between 6 to 12 years old.

    How is the camp facilitated?

    The camp begins every day at 9am sharp and ends at 5pm. All camp participants will be briefed of the day's expectations before breaking out into work groups where children will be placed in groups of 8-10 persons working with a maker facilitator. The programme is extremely high-touch and are facilitated by trained and experience adults with the teacher to student ratio of 1:6.

    Who are the facilitators?

    Each making activity is led by an experienced maker and assisted by trained leaders who may be made up of university or polytechnic tertiary students.

    Can parents stay with the child throughout the camp?

    No. While we would love very much to have the parents' involvement in the camp, we are also mindful that the child needs their own space and time to develop their own ideas. Having parents looking over their shoulders can be unbearably stressful. Nevertheless, do discuss with us especially in circumstances where there is a critical need to do so e.g. child with special needs.