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    *Camp T-shirt, lunch & snacks provided

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    What is the unique proposition of CampX?

    This camp is specially designed for primary school children to provide a meaningful learning experience where their creative development process and their need for sensory & tactile interactions can be supported. This round, the focus will be on building first-person view (FPV) or remote piloting robots by customising existing robotic kit sets (we will be using UbTech's JIMU range of robotic learning system).

    How many runs will there be?

    There will be a total of 5 runs catering to two age groups. Based on the choice of runs, campers are designated cohort names: XPRESSIVE (27-29 Nov), XPEDITIOUS (2-3 Dec), XUBERATE (4-6 Dec), XHILIRATE (9-10 Dec) and XACTITUDE (11-13 Dec).

    Are campers allowed to bring home their projects?

    It depends. Where possible we would like all children to bring home something. However this doe not applies to the 'Remote Piloting Xperience' track. Nevertheless, we can also work out a special discount for the robotic kit set if they wish to purchase them. Please enquire separately.

    What tools or equipment will the campers be exposed to? Is it safe?

    Campers will work mostly with digital fabrication tools but depending on circumstances, they MAY use a variety of hand tools to accomplish their tasks. Some examples include:

    • 3D Printer
    • Craft laser
    • Gello 3D Pen
    • Polymorph Plastics
    • Scissors
    • Power drill
    • Smartphones/Tablets
    • Passive electronics e.g. LEDs, resistors
    • Heat press
    • Hot glue (only for older kids)
    • Soldering Iron (only for older kids)

    What sort of projects that will be covered in the camp?

    The project examples may include the following:

    • Making a telepresencing robot
    • Autonomous/driveler-less miniature vehicles
    • FPV arcade game
    • Search & rescue craft
    Campers are allowed to deviate from the suggested themes and develop their own unique ideas using the same resources allocated.

    How many campers are expected at each centre?

    The ideal size will be from 6-10 campers. The number is purposely kept small in view of the hands-on making nature of the activities.

    How are the campers instructed in the camp?

    The campers will be guided by instructor-mentors who will be able to assist in helping the campers understand the tasks at hand and how to achieve a certain level of proficiency. Campers are also given the liberty to pursue ideas which interests them whenever the opportunity arises.

    When can I drop off and/or pick up my child?

    The camp day starts from 9.30am and end at 3.30pm. Parents are advised to drop off the campers 10 minutes before the start of camp and pick them up no later than 30 minutes after dismissal.



    111 Middle Road #01-02

    Singapore 188969

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