Gathering young makers to share experiences & exchange knowledge to solve problems

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    Global Maker Challenge Camp is an international camp for young makers (especially for those aged between 10-15 years old) to be held in the northeastern winter Olympics resort city of PyeongChang, South Korea from 21-24 November 2019. It is organized by RootPi School/BraineryMakers (South Korea) with OMG (OneMaker Group Singapore) as coordinating partner. The camp will allow campers to interpret and solve problems that are structured as maker challenges.


    • Every child is different and has a variety of interests and abilities.
    • Making should be a self-directed activity where children can make choices in response to their innate curiosity.
    • Through making, they learn to solve problems by applying their own intuition, skills and experience.
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    • Children learn by solving problems.
    • Each learning experience should be open & meaningful, catering to their variety of interests and abilities.
    • Making experience can be framed as thematic challenges where they learn to interpret the problems and express their solution in contexts that are unique to them.
    • Each child should be free to explore all possibilities without any restrictions.
    • Their own interpretation of the problem and solution should be respected and encouraged.


    Subsidised Camp Fee: S$250 (excluding airfare and other associated expenses)

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    This is the 1st time a camp of this scale is being held, bringing together participants from different countries where for the next few days they will learn to co-operate with one another to solve a series of maker challenges.

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    More than 50 international participants are expected to join in this camp, bringing a broad diversity of different cultures, experiences and knowledge. It will be interesting to see what happens when everyone contribute to solve challenges in this camp.

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    Participants from 9 countries are expected to participate in this inaugural camp. The list of participating countries (in alphabetical order) include: Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

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    The largest contingent of participants will come from the host country, South Korea. More than 100 Korean participants are expected to join in as well.

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    For the benefit of our international participants, English will be the main language used during the entire duration of the camp.


    Nevertheless, there will be ample opportunities to experience the Korean culture and language too.

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    Appreciate and learn from different cultural backgrounds and even languages as you embrace the diversity of interests and aspirations from the participants. It will be a great time to make new friends who share similar passion for making too!

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    In 2018, PyeongChang City hosted the Winter Olympic Games. This year in 2019, it will be the site of the first Global Maker Challenge Camp.

    The Global Maker Challenge Camp will be held at the Potato Flower Studio (감자꽃스튜디오) at Igok-ri, a mountainous village in PyeongChang. It is a remodelled structure of a former elementary school located in the centre of the village surrounded by beautiful mountains. The studio serves both as a space for creative activities of local cultural artists and as a cultural space for the local residents. The studios run a diverse culture, art, and educational programmes for those residents of the region.



    Address: 105, Kogilcheon-ro, PyeongChang-eup
    PyeongChang-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea.


    All campers will stay in a student accommodation facility at the PyeongChang Youth Training Center (평창힐링청소년수련원). They will be expected to share their rooms with participants from different nationalities to promote interaction and exchange. Campers will be separated into boys' and girls' dorms with 4-6 person per room, depending on the size and room-style.



    Address: 1477 Ungyo-ri, Bangrim-myeon, Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon-do, South Korea.


    (*for campers registered in Singapore only)

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  • FAQ

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Who can participate in this camp?

    The camp is open to all Singapore children aged 10 - 15 years old (as of 1 Jan 2019). Participation from international students from the region is most welcomed.

    2. Are parents allowed to accompany the camper?

    Yes. We definitely welcome parents' assistance in this camp. However, parents will have to bear their own expenses (e.g. accommodation, meals, transportation) throughout the camp duration. We will advise the amount to the parent for the camper who is successful in the application.

    3. How many campers are expected to be in the camp?

    We expect between 150 campers in total, with about 50 coming from overseas and the remainder from Korea.

    4. What programmes or workshops will the campers undergo?

    The campers will be given a maker challenge for the month of November and they will have to ideate, prototype and present their solution within a fixed time.

    5. What does the camp fee cover?

    The subsidised camp fee covers all the meals, snacks, workshop materials, transportation to/fro campsite and accommodation for the duration of the camp. It also covers the administrative and guiding services rendered by our staff. Overseas participants are to provide for their own flight to Seoul and additional expenses before/after the camp.

    6. How many facilitators or mentors will be accompanying the campers?

    The ratio of facilitator to campers will be between 1:10 to 1:15. As such, there will be at least ten experienced facilitators who will be accompanying the campers at any one time throughout the camp.


    7. What language will the camp be conducted in?

    The camp will be conducted in English. There will also be a short 'survival' Korean language course for overseas participants to prepare them to communicate with their Korean peers.


    8. How do the campers make their way to PyeongChang for the camp?

    All international campers are to gather in Seoul (address to be given) first on 21 November. We will make all make our way there as an entire contingent to PyeongChang together. After break-camp on 24 November, we will be returning to Seoul. Details will be provided to successful applicants to the camp.

    9. When will we be notified if we are selected?

    Applicants will be notified within 1-2 days after initial registration. An invoice will be sent via email to their parents. They will have 7 days to make the payment in order to confirm the seats.

    10. Where will the campers be housed in?

    All campers will stay together in student accommodation at the PyeongChang Healing Youth Center. They will be separated into boys' and girls' dorms.

    11. I can't accompany my child to Korea. Do you provide special care services?

    Yes. For parents who cannot accompany their kids overseas, the camper can travel together with the Singapore staff member. However, additional fees will apply. Please discuss with us after your child's registration is confirmed.


    Organized by

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    Coordinating Partner

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    For further enquiries please write to info@onemakergroup.com