Kids with adults are welcomed!

    saturday maker labs, open make, intergenerational, lifelong learning

    UPDATE: In view of the novel coronavirus outbreak situation, we are mindful of the safety and precautions taken to prevent further outbreak. Nevertheless, we also recognise that these challenging situations also serves as precious teaching moments to educate everyone and cultivating personal agency by equipping with the necessary disaster preparation and mitigation skills.

    As such we have decided to tweak the Saturday labs programme accordingly and will even be exploring online workshops. The class size will be limited to a small number and preventive & hygiene protocols will be strictly observed. We will be sharing more details regarding the content and topics to be covered over the next few days so stay tuned.

    We believe that creativity and ability to problem-solve are antidotes to combat mass hysteria and paranoia. Let's fight fear with knowledge. Stop the stupidity with creativity.


    A smart nation should bring citizens together to care deeply about solving problems by leveraging on the collective brilliance of its people. Regardless of age, everyone can have a part to play. We believe that technology can be a useful tool for all and when harnessed cleverly and creatively will result in a positive impact to all.

    Starting 2020, OneMaker Group (OMG) will be organising Saturday Maker Labs, a weekly design & making programme catering for an intergenerational audience involving a mix of kids, teens and adults. Where possible, a child-adult* pair (e.g. parent-child, elderly-young) is strongly encouraged. This programme is modelled after OMG's Junior Maker Programme (JuMP)


    *An accompanying adult while is encouraged but not compulsory. He/she can be a parent or a relative.


    There will be three tracks available in Season 1 which consists of 8 sessions each:

    1. Circular Future
    2. Creative Technologies
    3. Smart Digital Automation

    The first season will begin from 15 February - 4 April 2020. Each session will be from 10 am-12 pm to be held at the Makerspace@NDC by OMG.

    saturday maker labs, open make, intergenerational, lifelong learning, parent child bonding


    Intergenerational learning provides a great opportunity for family bonding and to pass on positive values. We hope to bring together learners of different ages to experience hands-on making within the STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts & math) education environment.


    Regardless of age, experience or ability, no one should be disqualified for wanting to learn more and to renew their own love for learning. Bringing learners of different generation together will foster a mutually supportive environment where the role of teacher and learner can be switched back and forth easily.  


    Adopting the "low floor, wide wall and high ceiling" mantra, we welcome novice learners, anyone with little or no experience. Instead of rigid, step-by-step cookie-cutter solutions, we allow learners to tinker and experiment with different methods. We believe that every learner can and should personalise their own learning process and explore projects as openly as possible.

    creative technologies, saturday maker labs, open make, intergenerational, lifelong learning

    It has been said that stories unite people. Story-telling helps to stretch our imaginations, conjuring wonder and curiosity and the best of all, help to create a sense of hope for the future. We want to invite aspiring story-makers to explore a variety of available technologies to create their very own masterpieces.


    In this track, participants will experience the following:

    • Digital Design & Fabrication with 3D printing & laser cutting
    • Creative Coding
    • Stop-motion animation
    • Shadow Art
    • Interactive Installations
    circular economy, circular future,saturday maker labs, open make, intergenerational, lifelong learning

    Waste management need not be limited to the purview of the government. Today citizens can participate in take part in promoting circular economy and making meaningful solutions to reduce unnecessary waste.


    In this track, participants will experience the following:

    • Reconstituting new materials from scraps
    • Upcycling plastic wastes
    • Extract natural ink, pigments and dyes
    • Experiment with making biomaterials
    smart nation, smart cities, smart digital automation, saturday maker labs, open make, intergenerational, lifelong learning

    Humans have always been fascinated by moving objects whether it is on land, sea or air. Today, technology makes these objects useful giving us a variety of applications in the form of robots, computers, drones and even self-driving car.   


    In this track, participants will experience the following:

    • Toy hacking
    • Making smart toys
    • Movable playthings
    • Remote piloting robots
    • Tele-robotics

    Starting date: 15 February 2020 (first session)

    End date: 4 April 2020

    Time: 10am - 12pm (2 hours per session)

    Number of sessions: 8

    Venue: Makerspace@NDC at the National Design Centre, 111 Middle Road Singapore 188969.

    Target participants: Kids (age 7-12 yrs) preferably accompanied by an adult family member.

    Limited capacity per track: 8-10 participants/pairs.


    Total fee payable upfront: $400* per participant/pair

    Returning JuMP participants from previous years can pay a reduced rate of $360*.

    *7% GST applies


    The fee will cover training, materials and consumables. Where possible, all participating pair will be able to bring home an artefact made during the workshop. In some sessions, participants may be required to bring and use their smartphones.